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Planning and Economic Development

Fueling the Talent Pipeline - Ways to get involved

The Work-Based Learning Continuum

What does strengthening your involvement with schools look like in a continuum? From classroom presentations to mentorship and many more ways in between, there are a variety of ways to get involved.

A full list of ways you can help guide next generation workforce can be found below.

Now more than ever, it is important that our young people leave high school career and college ready and we need your help to make that happen.

If you are a business interested in helping shape the future of our talent pipeline by getting involved with schools, please complete this form and a specialist will contact you to discuss your options.


A mentor is described as a trusted and experienced advisor who has personal and direct interest in the development and/or education of younger and less experienced individuals.

Classroom/Career Fair Presentation

Present to a class about your job, its requirements or educational level, employer expectations, or tie directly into that classroom curriculum.

Senior Project/Presentation

Partners serve as advisors or invited guests for a senior project/presentation.


A partner teams with a subject-area teacher to work on a real-world, project-based assignment with students.

Pathway-Specific Job Shadow

A student spends two to four hours, on a one-time basis, with an employee or series of employees, observing the various aspects of their job. The intent is for students to see what the job really involves as well as to observe how their schoolwork applies.

Student Out-of-School Internship

An unpaid, supervised work-based learning experience which links an 11th or 12th grade student with an employer for a planned set of activities often designed to give the student a broad overview of a business or occupational career pathway. (May be short-term: 18 weeks)

Interdisciplinary Cooperative Education Student

A school-supervised and structured 15 hour/week paid work experience during their 12th grade year arranged by the school and the employer to lead to an occupational goal. This experience is for the entire school year and includes a training agreement and a training plan, which couples the classroom learning with the workplace experience.

Industry Tours and Worksite Tours

Students visit the workplace as a group to see the business operations in action and tie this to their career pathway.

Educator Externship

As technology changes, it is important that schools teach the subjects and skills that businesses actually use. Through an externship, teachers experience the business world firsthand as they work in a business for 1-2 weeks during school vacations and then incorporate their learning into their lesson plans and curriculum to make learning relevant.

Roundtable Discussions

A semi-formal discussion with students about career choices, options, your journey to where you are now, really any advice for young people thinking about their futures.