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Planning and Economic Development


The Dignity Campaign

Dignity in Action: The Office of Senior Services 01.10.2023




Building Mindfulness: Instead of this...try doing this 09.07.2022

Power of a Smile (printable PDF!) 05.03.2022




Dignity in Action with Sheriff's Office Crisis Incident Stress Management (CISM) Team 06.27.2022

Dignity in Action: The Community Mental Health Crossroads Clubhouse 03.17.2022

Dignity Persists (printable PDF!) 02.23.2022

All Are Essential 11.01.2021

Building Dignity: Building Mindfulness 10.25.2021

Building Dignity: Building Positivity 10.25.2021

Building Dignity: Building Relationships 10.25.2021

Building Dignity: Open Conversations Part 1 - What Holds Us Back? 10.25.2021

Building Dignity: Open Conversations Part 2 - Rules of Engagement 10.25.2021

Creating a Culture of Dignity: Open Communication 09.24.2021

Dignity in Action with Berry Treadwell 08.06.2021

Dignity in Action with David King 06.01.2021

Dignity in Action with John Abraham 05.11.2021

Dignity in Action @ the Macomb County Health Department 04.12.2021

Creating a Culture of Dignity:  Workplace Gossip - Silencing the Noise and Stepping Away 03.12.2021

Creating a Culture of Dignity:  Workplace Gossip - When Does Gossip Cross the Line? 03.11.2021

Creating a Culture of Dignity: Workplace Gossip - Gossiping v. Venting 03.10.2021

Creating a Culture of Dignity: Workplace Gossip - A Small Share Can Have BIG Consequences 03.09.2021

Creating a Culture of Dignity:  Take Responsibility for Workplace Gossip 03.08.2021

Dignity is Universal 05.11.2021 (corrected, originally published 02.03.2021)

Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day 01.18.2021

Kick off to the Dignity Campaign 11.22.2020

The Dignity Campaign Flyer (printable PDF) 11.22.2020

A Message from Andy McKinnon on the Dignity Campaign 11.02.2020


Employee Benefits and Perks

Employee Notices

Remote Work

Ulliance – News You can Use!

Supporting Aging Loved Ones 09.15.2022

How to Navigate the EAP Portal 09.13.2022

Caring for Aging Parents 09.08.2022

Identity Theft Protection at NO COST TO EMPLOYEES! 08.24.2022

Legal and Financial Advice You Can Trust 08.18.2022

First Steps to Financial Wellness 08.11.2022

Sit Up Straight! 07.21.2022

The Mind Body Connection 07.14.2022

The Road to Inclusion 06.14.2022

Workplace Climate and the LGBTQ Community 06.09.2022

Parents Raising Children with Mental Illness 05.26.2022

Men and Mental Health 05.19.2022

BONUS! Women and Mental Health 05.12.2022

May is Mental Health Month! 05.06.2022

BONUS! Turn Off and Tune In! 04.17.2022

BONUS! Good Eats! 03.17.2022

Managing a Divided Workforce 03.08.2022

Reducing Stress Through Breathwork 02.17.2022

Dealing with Difficult Emotions 02.10.2022

Explore the EAP Ulliance 01.21.2022

Playtime is Not Over 01.13.2022

Holiday Greetings from Ulliance - Free Top Ten Picks Crockpot Cookbook

The Ultimate Guide to Bust Holiday Blues & Stress 12.13.2021

Healing From a National Tragedy ~ The Oxford High School Shooting 11.30.2021

Staying CHILL This Holiday Season 11.29.2021

Be Holiday Happy BONUS Edition! 11.11.2021

Holiday Budget Tips! 11.09.2021

BONUS! Mental Health Stigma Infographic! 10.14.2021

Revisiting Mental Health Stigma 10.07.2021

Suicide Awareness Bonus Material - Know the Risk Factors 09.21.2021

COVID-19 Fatigue - Emotional Recovery and a Path Forward 09.16.2021

Suicide Awareness 09.05.2021

LUV Your Job EVEN on Mondays 08.05.2021