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Planning and Economic Development

Macomb County construction and the housing market: Strong and resilient through the pandemic

As vaccinations rise, cases fall, GDP climbs, unemployment tumbles, and society returns to a little bit of normalcy, it is worth celebrating industry sectors that remained resilient. And one industry that remained strong throughout the pandemic was construction, particularly in the residential home building market. Learn how and why in this Macomb Business blog.

Learn more: The Macomb County Robotics Collaboration and Innovation Center

Macomb County has a mission to support and grow the workforce of tomorrow in robotics and advanced manufacturing. As part of our “Fueling the Talent Pipeline” initiative, we are supporting K-12 and beyond with STEM programming in technically advanced industries such as robotics and automation.  We are not only talking the talk, but walking the walk.  Learn more in this Macomb Business blog.

Industry 4.0: How do we get there?

In the old days, manufacturing businesses used trial and error when creating a part, which resulted in a lot of waste. Now, manufacturing companies are moving towards Industry 4.0 – where they can design, engineer and test virtually through technology. There is an increased cost up front for this, but it ultimately lowers costs in the long run through efficiencies. Learn how your business can receive support for this type of transformation in today's Macomb Business blog.

Paslin: A local success story

The Macomb County Department of Planning and Economic Development (MCPED) is profiling a different industry each month throughout 2021, and in April, we will focus on Advanced Manufacturing and Robotics - with today’s feature highlighting Paslin.

Who you gonna call?

When your business works with Macomb County Planning and Economic Development, we connect you to local partners that can help with workforce needs, financing, grants, PPE, tax incentives and marketing.  Today's Macomb Business blog, which profiles the Advanced Manufacturing and Robotics field by featuring Universal Tool & Equipment Controls, shows how this relationship works. 

Insights on succession planning from the American Society of Employers

Is your organization prepared for the worst-case talent scenarios? Do you have a plan to transfer knowledge of your leaders at all levels? Have you identified high performers who can move into these roles? If not, you need to think about doing some succession planning. Learn valuable insights on this topic in today's guest blog from the American Society of Employers.

Pura Vida Salt Therapy in Mount Clemens

In the late 1800’s, the Mineral Springs Company opened ‘The Original Bath House’ in Mount Clemens, Michigan. Bringing healing to many diseases and conditions which were cured by sitting in the city tubs.

Macomb County offers excellent geographic advantage

Many may wonder what makes Macomb County so special when it comes to the transportation, logistics and warehousing industries. While there are many advantageous factors for the area, honestly it comes down to location, location, location!

Macomb County delivers assistance to Amazon

MCPED can help a business through the entire site selection process to locate the right space for operations and to assist with available incentives that can save a company money.  A business doesn’t have to be the size of Amazon to receive assistance, but if they are, we will be there to help. In fact, Amazon is a great client of MCPED services. Here’s their story.

Innovate Mound project to rebuild one of the most important roads in southeast Michigan

The Macomb County Department of Planning and Economic Development is profiling a different industry each month throughout 2021, and in March, we will focus on Warehousing, Logistics and Transportation.  Of course, we can’t talk about transportation without discussing infrastructure. So today’s blog will feature Innovate Mound, an initiative to rebuild one of the most important roads in southeast Michigan.

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